Short casts: Waters of our youth; fly fishing ballplayers; Top Chef on the water

Photo courtesy of Myers Reece and Hatch Magazine.

We all have memories of past fishing experiences, those trips into the woods or down the street to the city park pond are never forgotten. Myers Reece’s recent piece in Hatch Magazine stirred old memories … and then I got to the end, and I was hearbroken. The little cutthroat stream he fished as a kid is all but gone thanks to drought and “progress.” When I was a kid in East Texas, my buddies and I would sneak down the railroad tracks and fish a great bass pond situated out behind an old abandoned mansion the locals called the Hobo Barn. I went back a few years ago to check it out. The mansion had been leveled, and the pond was just a low spot in the yard, overgrown with vines and weeds. Heartbreaking.

Here’s what else is happening in the fly fishing world these days:

And, finally, your moment of fly fishing Zen:

Photo courtesy of Abaco Lodge and Adam Barker Photography.

By Chris Hunt.