Skills: Fishing a hopper-dropper rig

My friend Rob Parkins runs the fishing and hunting section at the Jack Dennis Outdoor World on the square in Jackson, Wyo., and he’s a heck of an angler, as well as a RIO ambassador. Rob fishes the South Fork of the Snake often, as well as a number of waters here in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming—he’s a rare resource in that he’s just a regular guy who’s easy to talk to and someone who knows his fly fishing.

In the video above, as part of the RIO “how to” series, Rob shows us how to rig and fish the “hopper-dropper” set-up, a simple, yet effective way to fish riffles on the edges of drop-offs in rivers like Idaho’s South Fork (or any river with similar features). It’s a great technique that can literally double your chances at catching fish from riffles like the one Rob fishes above.

But, honestly, I was just thrilled to see the South Fork in summer—it’s been too long!

Follow Rob’s great advice on the hopper-dropper rig, and make your summer fishing more successful.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.