Skills: Make a 'point' to hone your cast

One of the best things about TU’s new book Trout Tips is that there are so many “refresher” tips inside. Trout fishing is always a work in process for me. I learn things. I forget them. Sometimes the trout remind me what to do. Sometimes it takes a nudge from a fishing pal, like Mike Sepelak, who reminds us that the best fishing is often found on the periphery … or Beverly Smith who rings in with the simple true-ism, “Wood is Good; Foam is Home.”
Not rocket science. Just plain advice. Whether you think you need it or not, a little reminder never hurts.
Here’s another one that always helps me. Sometimes, I find that my casting accuracy is just a little bit “off.” Just like on some days when I hit the golf course, I just can’t seem to sink a putt. Because accuracy counts for so much in fly fishing (just like the short game matters most in golf), it’s good to fix the problem when you encounter it (before you reinforce a bad habit without realizing it).

So take a day every now and then and fish with your index finger extended on top of the grip. I’m told the great Lee Wulff fished that way all the time. And I know a number of other anglers who do now. I’m a thumb-on-top guy, but I find if I take one day—and dedicate the whole day—to fish with my index finger on top, it straightens me right out. I really focus on pointing my shots, and by limiting the break in my wrist, I actually form tighter loops. I’m not saying you should switch over altogether… fish the way you are most comfortable. But mix it up a bit. You “pointers” might take some time using your thumb.

It’s okay to get a little bit out of your comfort zone… especially when you find you’re not zoning in on target. Do that, and it will eventually all come together.

—Kirk Deeter

By Chris Hunt.