Skills: Tying the non-slip loop knot

I was introduced to the non-slip loop knot a few years back on my first trip to the Louisiana marsh to chase redfish with a fly rod. The guide who toted me around the marsh not far outside of New Orleans explained to me that my fly needed a bit more action and that it needed to move a bit more water to get the reds to strike. So he tied my Clouser to my tippet using the non-slip loop. I’ve used it ever since, and not just in salt water or with streamers—I like to use it for big hoppers and poppers, too, because it does, indeed, improve the action of the fly.

Above, Tim Flagler walks us through the fairly simple process of tying the non-slip loop knot. Tim claims this knot ought to be in every angler’s knot-tying repertoire, and I’d have a hard time arguing with him. It’s easy to learn, quick to master and it really does make a fly dance, both in the water and on top of it.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.