Slough Creek Horse Ridin' and Cutthroat Fishin'

Today, our veteran couples took the morning off of fishing, put on their cowboy boots and hats, and did a horseback ride to Tucker Falls. The Tucker ride is a full-day ride to a beautiful waterfall on Tucker Creek, a tributary of Slough Creek. No fishing on this trip, but the scenery is gorgeous, and it includes a picnic lunch by the falls! Though most of the day was spent on horseback, there was still time for fishing. One of the veterans on the horseback ride, got on his waders and into the stream and managed to get in some fishing before the ride and did manage to land one trout before mounting up! He had his cowboy hat and boots laid out by the stable! Following their return. folks did get out for some fishing on Slough Creek., and the anglers that did get out, caught some fish! The good news is the Slough Creek continues to drop, the water temps are rising, and today, the first strong hatch of Pale Morning Duns got going. We still have two full days of fishing left, and the arrival of the PMD’s bodes well. With the Green Drakes starting the hatch day off around 9:30AM followed by PMD’s at 10:30AM, there are the makings of 4-5 solid hours of rising Yellowstone cutthroat trout! The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, and there should be a lot of tight lines on Slough Creek tomorrow!

By Dave Kumliien.