Tarpon, of course

Last week, TU’s Kirk Deeter posted a simple photograph (above), and asked you tell us what he was fishing for in this water.

The answer is tarpon. And the winner of the TU-embossed HydraPak is Sam Lawson, who was one of many who answered “baby tarpon,” but the only one lucky enough to have his name pulled from a hat. Congrats, Sam!

Think about it. Froggy water, tight into the mangroves where ambush predators live. You’re just as likely to see a croc, or if the water’s only a little brackish, maybe a gator or a caiman, as you are another angler in these hidden, backcountry stretches of watery wilderness. Juvenile tarpon, snook and barracuda thrive in these places, and if you’re a backcountry geek like I am, you’ll push a kayak into these creeks any chance you’ll get.

More photos and more contests to come!

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.