Teachers can sign up for the 2018 TIC/SIC Quilt Project

If your TU Chapter or Council has Trout or Salmon in the Classroom programs, this is a fun project they can take part in with other classrooms across the country. Please pass on this announcement to teachers and coordinators:

Enhance STEAM learning with your TIC/SIC/AaT program by joining the 2018 Trout Quilt Project.

Participating classes create 20-30 fabric art squares (on Inkjet Fabric Sheets, felt, etc) based around the theme “Amazing Adaptations.” The finished squares, along with a correspondence letter from the students, will be sent to classrooms across the country. It is a unique opportunity to share your experiences with other schools and you get the surprise of receiving quilt squares in the mail. The final result and outcome—after sewn together—will be a beautiful, colorful quilt!

Register online by Jan. 26 to join or contact Tara Granke for more information. A confirmation email will be sent to folks that sign up on Jan. 26 and you have until Feb. 1 to let Tara know that you’re still willing to participate!

Remember, this year’s theme is “Amazing Adaptations.” A full mailing list with detailed instructions will be sent out by Feb. 2 to those that have signed up through the Google Form. This year, quilt squares do not need to be washable but should stay together as they are sewn. This expands the types of media you can use on your quilt. It does not need to be waterproof, but should stand up to many excited students handling the square when they receive it.

Click here for the Sign-up Google Form.

By Tara Granke.