The Fly Crate - letter from a fan

Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day where I get to say thanks to my dad, get handmade gifts from my kids, and go fishing. I’m not the best gift giver, but last year I surprised my dad with a special trout fly assortment. He loves to go out fly fishing every weekend with his pals and, even more he loves getting things for free.

Recently I came across this ad for The Fly Crate, one of those monthly fly clubs. Right now, they have this solid promotion in which you’ll get a free bonus pack of trout flies. The flies looked pretty darn good so I checked it out. If you haven’t heard of monthly fly clubs, it’s a simple setup. Every month The Fly Crate ships you flies that are specifically selected for that month based on what fly kit you choose. There’s a 3 fly kit for $9/month, 6 fly kit for $14/month, and a 9 fly kit for $19/month. If you get the $19 fly kit called “The Troutbum” you get an extra pack of flies worth $10 your first month for free. There is also a bunch of other benefits like 15% off their online fly shop and an online guide on how to use the flies. I’m a sucker for getting more for less so I figured why not go all in and get this for my father. According to the website, you can cancel anytime you want and it’s all free shipping.

For $19 a month, I signed my dad up for “The Troutbum” to receive 9 trout flies a month for the next 6 months and the additional pack of 5 trout flies the first month.

I did the math out and that costs about $1.36 per fly for 14 flies, which is not bad. I don’t like to drive all over Kingdom Come so this saves me the time and gas money. Not only that, but The Fly Crate also donates a portion of flies to help disabled veterans. I’m always ready to help the veterans as they have given so much to this country and now it’s time for us give back.

Overall, The Fly Crate is a good deal. The cost per fly isn’t what sold me. It was because of the automation. I like the thought of knowing that my father’s weekend fishing trips will be well supplied for months and I’m sure he’ll enjoying trying some new flies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re rushed for a Father’s Day gift or even for treating yourself, check out The Fly Crate.

By Walt Gasson.