Traditions: 'Old Friends, New Fish'

This year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour, of which Trout Unlimited is a longtime sponsor, features a unique film made possible in part by a TU grant to filmmaker Sophie Danison. Danison was awarded the grant as part of an effort to showcase the work women do in the field of filmmaking—her new film, ‘Old Friends, New Fish,’ is the product of that grant, and a reminder to all anglers that friends made on the river are friends for life.

Danison followed three anglers—all of them women—on a fly fishing trip to the waters around her hometown of Missoula, Mont., where the three subjects of the film used to guide, and where they gather regularly with their families to chase the region’s storied trout. It’s a film about women and fly fishing, yes, but it’s also a film about friendships and tradition, about making the most of the time spent knee-deep in the waters of Montana.

The F3T starts Saturday, Jan. 21, with it’s premiere in Denver, and it quickly moves to Montana, starting in Billings Jan. 23, Bozeman on Jan. 24. It then hits the Wilma Theater in Missoula for two showings on Jan. 28, where the crowd in attendance will get to see Danison’s film and the local waters it features.

The F3T gets bigger and better every year, and Danison’s film adds to its diversity, it’s appeal and its amazing lineup.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.