TU and KastKing—Going to the Mats

Trout Unlimited has partnered with KastKing on a branded wader-changing mat. KastKing will donate a portion of every sale of every KastKing Wader Changer to TU to help make fishing better all across North America. KastKing Wader Changer has a retail selling price of $19.98. KastKing will donate 5 percent of every sale to TU. KastKing will have a limited quantity available at the Edison, N.J. Fly Fishing Show this month. The mat is also available at www.Amazon.com/KastKing, and other online sellers.

The KastKing Wader Changing Mat is a multi-use accessory that every fly-fisherman or surf fisherman will want in their car, truck or travel bag. The large, 26-inch by 42-inch size provides an ample area to keep all of the angler’s gear dry and clean. KastKing’s Wader Changing Mat is made of high-quality, durable and waterproof, 3-milimeter neoprene material. The mat has Velcro straps for roll up for easy travel and storage

“No longer will you have to try to balance on one leg while hopping around trying to keep your socks dry. And, no longer will you carry a nasty old piece of carpet or tarp in your car to stand on while you change. The rolled up Wader Changing Mat is always stored neatly in your car or wader bag and ready to roll out for use,” says the designer of the mat, Al Noraker, director of product development at KastKing. Noraker is an avid fly fisherman. “This is truly a multiple-use accessory as it’s great for pets, the back of your SUV, as a picnic cushion, changing tires, installing chains or simply to keep you warm on cold, metal benches during sporting events. You’ll want one of these handy accessories in every vehicle you own.”

By Walt Gasson.