TU Business Member Spotlight: Solid Rock Masonry

Not every TU Business member is a fly shop or an outfitter. In fact, as TU Business membership has grown from 80 to almost 500 over the course of the last five years, more and more “non-traditional” business members have joined the ranks. We’re grateful for their support.

Take Solid Rock Masonry, for example. SRM is a family-owned and operated business located in Duluth, Minn. Eric and Tracy Moshier take pride in providing quality stone products and Northwoods craftsmanship. This is a family-oriented business, and they put family values and an emphasis on sustainability into every project.

Eric is a former fly fishing guide and a third-generation master stone mason. He has an eye for artistic design and detail. He has surrounded himself with craftsmen that take great pride in their work. Their focus is mixing old world craftsmanship and modern technology to provide the homeowner with elegant design, quality workmanship and personal attention. They specialize in the ancient relationship between humans and fire. They believe that the hearth is the heart of the home, and they build fireplaces that are both elegant and highly efficient.

Masonry heaters and wood-fired ovens are a big part of the business at SRM, and they offer a great heating option for the alternative energy minded. They provide clean combustion at a very high temperature. They also provide a high degree of safety and little or no harmful emissions. They heat most homes with as little as three cords of wood per year, reducing dependence on oil and gas, turning instead to a locally renewable resource.

SRM services include everything from designing, consulting, and manufacturing DIY kits to completely finished systems for the most efficient masonry fireplaces, masonry heaters, cook stoves and wood fired ovens for residential or commercial use. They design and manufacture all of our own masonry core systems along with doors and hardware all made in the USA.

From breathtaking entryways to indoor or outdoor bake ovens custom-designed for the user to exterior masonry veneer and restoration of old-time brick or stone work, Solid Rock Masonry can do it all. What’s more, they do it with environmental consciousness and a spirit of homegrown hard work and craftsmanship. Eric and his crew travel all over North America building masonry heaters, efficient fireplaces and wood fired ovens. They especially like to travel to locations that they can bring their fly rods with and catch a few trout after the job is done.

We’re proud to have Solid Rock Masonry as a new TU Business member.

Solid Rock Masonry

Eric Moshier

Duluth, MN 55803

(218) 343-2978



By Walt Gasson.