TU Business Spotlight: Alaskan Angling Adventures, LLC

Until you’ve been to Alaska, you don’t really understand the scope of the place – the sheer, monumental size of the 49th state. Saying you’ve been to Alaska is like saying you’ve been to Asia – there’s a lot of different places and experiences in that vast landscape. But one of my f

avorite places in Alaska is the Kenai Peninsula. It was the first place I fished in Alaska, and the first place I fell in love with fishing in Alaska. I love the Kenai.

Alaskan Angling Adventures LLC is the culmination of a lifetime of fishing devotion and over a decade of guiding experience on the Kenai. After years of guiding for other outfitters owner and guide Mike Adams started AAA with the idea of providing a more personalized experience from a small guide owned and operated business while sharing his passion and knowledge for fishing and the outdoors.

Raised in the Adirondack Mountains, Mike is a lifelong fisherman and boatman who was drawn to Alaska by the allure of wild salmon, wild rivers and wildlife. The first try didn’t work out. Neither did the second. But on his third attempt at the Alcan Highway, Mike succeeded in driving his 1982 Chevy station wagon all the way to the last frontier, and he has been there ever since.

Mike lives year round in Cooper Landing Alaska amongst the peaks of the Kenai Mountains. In over a decade as an Alaska fishing guide and fly fishing instructor Mike has guided thousands of guests to heart-stopping fishing for trout, char and salmon.

And the salmon, oh the salmon… The Kenai River is famous around the world for the large numbers and size of the salmon that return to spawn here every year. The Kenai has two annual runs of sockeye, king and silver salmon and a return of pink salmon on even numbered years. The world record king salmon (97lbs. 4 oz.) was caught in the Kenai River but recent low abundance of returning kings has led to concern and Alaskan Angling Adventures targets kings on the smaller drift boat only Kasilof River where the fish reach sizes in excess of 50 lbs.

But salmon are only part of the picture here. The cold clean rivers of Alaska are home to abundant populations of hard fighting native trout and char. In fact, Alaska hosts some of the best trout and char fishing in the world and some of the best trout and char fishing in Alaska can be found on the Kenai Peninsula where fish can exceed 30 inches in length and weigh over 10 pounds. AAA targets trout on the upper and middle sections of the Kenai River and on the Russian River. Several Kenai Peninsula Rivers, including the Kenai, have steelhead and anadromous char runs. Kenai Peninsula steelhead are primarily a fall run fish overwintering in fresh water and returning to the ocean in the spring after spawning.

Silver salmon, sockeyes, pinks, Dolly Varden, Arctic char, steelhead – no matter what you want to fish for – and no matter how you want to fish for them, Alaska Angling Adventures is the place for you. And Mike Adams is the guide for you. He’s a dedicated conservationist and a master at fishing the spectacular Kenai Peninsula. We’re proud to have AAA as part of the TU Team!

Alaskan Angling Adventures, LLC
Mike Adams
Cooper Landing, AK 99572
(907) 595-3336


By Walt Gasson.