TU Business spotlight: Coy Wylie Colorado Real Estate

Like any organization, Trout Unlimited is an aggregation of people who share a common interest – in our case, fish and fishing. One of the great things about TU is the people you meet who care so much about trout and salmon in America. Take Coy Wylie, for example.

Coy is a native Texan who is very proud to call Loveland, Colorado home. He’s a fly angler, a hunter, camper, hiker and all-around outdoorsman. He plays guitar and mandolin in local local bands. But when it comes to TU, he’s a leader. Coy serves as the President of Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter of Trout Unlimited in the Fort Collins/Loveland area. The Flycasters are a great chapter, with influence not only in their community but across northern Colorado as they seek to protect, restore and sustain our rivers and wildlife.

Coy is a no greenhorn. He’s had a wide range of professional experiences including human resources, corporate training, corporate chaplaincy, client expansion and motivational speaking. He’s been a professional fly-fishing guide. When you talk with him about this, it’s obvious that he’s a guy who values personal relationships. He gets the importance of listening to people and understanding their needs. That’s what makes Coy Wylie a great Realtor.

Real estate is a very competitive business in the fast-growing northern Front Range of Colorado. There are a lot of people who can sell you a little piece of paradise. But this is not just any Realtor. Coy Wylie is a realtor with a vision. Part of that is about customers. Coy says, “My goal is to provide exceptional care and excellent service to my clients. My desire is that my each of my clients become personal friends and that our relationship continue after we close a real estate transaction.” That’s a good thing, right? But if you press him even just a little bit, he starts talking about the legacy of cold, clean fishable water that means so much to him and to all of us.

“I joined Trout Unlimited because I love to fly fish,” Coy says. “But I’ve stayed in Trout Unlimited because I really believe in what we do.” He cites numerous examples from Colorado, a state with world-class fisheries and big challenges. “People come to Colorado because it’s a glorious place. They come here for the fishing and the climbing and the spirit of fun and adventure that comes with living close to nature, in harmony with their surroundings. That’s why I came, and I want future generations of Coloradoans to be able to enjoy the same wild beauty and great fishing that I have.”

That’s Coy Wylie – a proud TU Business member. We’re grateful to have him aboard!

Coy Wylie Colorado Real Estate

Coy Wylie

Loveland, CO 80537

(970) 699-9075


By Walt Gasson.