TU Business Spotlight: Drift Fly Fishing

I met Johnny Blumenthal and Paul Newman from Drift Fly Fishing when they were gracious enough to donate a trip to my humble little TU chapter here in Wyoming. But before we sent anyone out there with them, I did a little homework. I like to hear what others are saying about a product or service before I send somebody out to fish. I like to cut through the hype and hear what real people say about it. Here’s one that caught my eye:

“Had a spectacular all day float trip with Paul on April 10th. I think that guy might really be the hardest working guide out there, and he works smart too. From the first phone call to the drive back from the take-out, the experience with Drift was excellent. We floated the Grey Reef and Paul had us on fish quickly and kept us on fish all day. I think Paul even managed to make us better fly fishers, the mark of a truly great guide. I blew a fair few hooksets, but his advice and guidance eased my frustration, which kept me in the game. I suppose the best review I can offer is to say that I’m already talking to my dad about booking with Drift again next year.”

Anyone who knows fishing in Wyoming knows about the North Platte River near Saratoga. The North Platte is a big, strong freestone stream as it enters the Cowboy State. It’s notoriously productive for browns and rainbows, but it’s also notoriously challenging to fish at times. Straight up, if you want to fish the upper North Platte, you want to fish with these guys.

Johnny is a fifth generation Saratoga native who began guiding at an extremely young age. This early start helped him compile much more experience than the average guide just under 30. He’s a young, fit, aggressive guide who carries with him the experience of a much older man. He will use his knowledge of the river to fish where the hooking up happens and move the boat quickly in the slow spots. You will easily identify the former wrestler and Marine in him as he rows. He has guided as far north as the cold rivers of remote Alaska and fished as far south as the warm water flats of the Gulf of Mexico, but has always found his way home to the North Platte Valley.

Paul is a fourth generation Wyomingite, and the North Platte is his home water. At age 14 Paul discovered his passion: fly fishing. He got his first guide job at age 21. Spending summers guiding and winters pursuing a degree in Fisheries Management and Biology from the University of Wyoming, he kept his skills honed. After guiding waterfowl hunters in the winters for several years, Paul knew he had found his career path. Now in his 30s, he believes there is nothing more rewarding in life than seeing the smile on a guest’s face after an great day!

TU is proud to have Drift Fly Fishing as a TU Business member!

Drift Fly Fishing

John Blumenthal

Paul Newman

Saratoga, WY 82331




By Walt Gasson.