TU VSP Higher Ground Sun Valley Train the Trainer Event Begins Today

25 TU Veterans Service Partnership (TU VSP) leaders from around the country will converge in Sun Valley, Idaho today, 9/24, for the beginning of the 4 day TU VSP/Higher Ground Sun Valley Train the Trainer Symposium (T3). The goal of the T3 is to provide education and information to VSP program leaders to help better serve our disabled veterans and our nation’s family. The T3 presentations include such topics as benefits of outdoor recreation for service members; working with the VA system, hospitals, and clinics; the importance of vetting, training, and evaluating volunteers; disability awareness training and activity, adaptive fly fishing teaching techniques, and the use of adaptive equipment. The T3 is supported by a grant from the VA Adaptive Sports Program, and is co-hosted by TU’s Veterans Service Partnership and Higher Ground Sun Valley, one of the country’s leading adaptive sports programs. #tuvsp

By Dave Kumliien.