What kind of trout is this?

The trick to knowing what you’re going to catch before you catch it, is knowing what lives in the river.

Of course. Some people, however, have dialed it in a bit more. For example, they know the rainbows like the riffles in certain places on the Colorado River, whereas the browns hug the

banks and gravitate toward deep runs. I have other friends who say that they can tell the type of trout just by the way it rises to eat bugs. I don’t buy that, really, but I play along anyway. I think you can sometimes tell what the bugs are, based on the rise types, but not really the fish.

If you’re a good sight angler, however, there are tell-tales that will tip you off. The colors that pop in clear water will usually give you enough information.

Like this fish, for example. Plain as day. Easy to recognize right away that it is a _______________________.

Guess right (be specific) and I’ll put you in a drawing for a signed copy of our new book TROUT TIPS, which I’ll send before the holidays!

— Kirk Deeter

By Chris Hunt.