Wilderness Lite: Backcountry adventure

Land your next trout onto the stripping apron of an ultralight float tube amongst the breathtaking solitude of backcountry still waters. Backcountry ultralight float tubing is a GREAT introduction to trout, an absolute blast for an experienced angler, and a journey to bring families and friends


Ever venture just a few miles into the roadless backcountry for a remarkable trout fishing experience? It is easier than you might think, and once you’ve made the journey you’ll have the bug for life.

A bit of homework will locate a wilderness area within driving distance of your home. Check a map to identify small lakes from five to a hundred acres in size a few miles from where you can park your vehicle. Someone in your TU chapter may have first-hand knowledge of some candidate destinations for your maiden voyage. Or, just set out to explore a lake without a name.

Park at a trailhead and follow the trail on foot—preferably at least 3 to 5 miles—to your destination lake. Walking just a few miles even on a well-traveled trail generally leaves the crowd behind. With the ultralight and compact equipment available today, it is ever easier to backpack to a beautiful destination with unmatched scenery and crystal clear 57-degree water whose trout infrequently see an angler, and that likely never have seen a fly line cast from an ultralight float tube.

Ultralight float tubes are now truly compact and weigh less than four pounds. An ultralight float tube will fit together with tent, sleeping bag, food, and essential gear in a backpack of quite manageable weight to make it an overnight, a long weekend, or with a bit of experience, even a week of float tube fly fishing on pristine water you’ll share with no one.

A backcountry excursion is great for families and for those learning to fly fish. Remote lakes having had little fishing pressure are forgiving of casting mistakes and often give up their trout to novice anglers. Match a hatch or hit a day when terrestrials are blowing onto the water, and you’ll have a day that will be remembered for a lifetime. And drifting a trailing fly in a float tube doesn’t even require casting. This makes wilderness lakes an ideal spot for families to share time together where teenage kids can develop a passion for a tight line with a leaping rainbow, and then spend hours talking about trout and insects—and life—around a campfire where never a cell phone will ring nor a text message be received. No better spot on earth for families to really connect.

At Wilderness Lite, makers of the ultralight float tubes, they’ve shared this experience with family and friends for years. Their ultralight float tubes are available for others to enjoy what many anglers have all grown to treasure. The company would be thrilled to hear from you and to do all they can do to assist you and your family and friends in your pursuit of wilderness trout….together.

Wilderness Lite is a proud TU Business member.

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By Walt Gasson.