Winter Blog from the TU Teens of Gallipolis!

TU Teens of Gallipolis stays quite busy over the winter months. Students use this time to practice casting skills outside on the grass or in the gymnasium. We spend time working on knot tying skills and get familiar with the different types of flies that are used in fly fishing.

Santa Claus was very generous to several students this Christmas. A handful of students woke-up Christmas morning to discover brand new fly rods under the tree. Students have been bringing the new rods to our meetings and learning to cast them.

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Mr. James Eggers of TU, and an accomplished fly tier, came into our meetings and led some fly tying demonstrations. The students also got to do a little fly tying as well. January brought in folks from the Raccoon Creek Watershed Conservancy to discuss conservation and research conducted on the watershed.

TU Teens’ members helped to lead two presentations over the winter months. The first presentation was for the Board Of Education for the Gallipolis City Schools the other presentation was for the Gallia County Conservation Club. At each presentation the students displayed fly fishing materials and explained what exactly TU Teens is, what we do, and who we are. A fly casting demonstration concluded each presentation.

On March 21 and 23 the TU Teens visited some local ponds for some after school fishing. Blue gills and bass were caught by all, and everyone had a great time! More fishing will follow soon!

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A couple notable trips have been planned for the upcoming months. A small group will be traveling to Webster Springs, WV for some brook trout fishing the first week of June. Later that month, a large group of TU Teen fishermen/women will be traveling way up into Michigan to fish the Manistee River. Both trips should be great learning experiences and hopefully net some nice fish!

We hope to see you on the water!

Tight Lines,
Shannon Mayes, TU Teens of Gallipolis Coordinator

By Tara Granke.