Video spotlight Conservation Science

In the Heart of the Rockies

Climate change is a reality for sportsmen and women in the West. In fact, they may have noticed its intricacies more than most–spending time outside on a seasonal basis is a sure-fire way to notice trends and changes.

And they’re raising the alarm.

The film above by Conservation Hawks, a non-profit that communicates the challenges of climate change to hunters and anglers, shows how a handful of outdoorspeople are witnessing the changes in the climate where they hunt and fish and how they’re coping with it.

Of course, climate change goes beyond fishing and hunting. But fish and game are the “canaries in the coal mine,” so to speak. Migration patterns change. Waters warm sooner, and cool later. Drought impacts big-game winter range. Heavy winters create excessive fuels for summer wildfires that impact the way game moves through their habitat.

Check out the film and see how a changing climate is impacting people who hunt and fish the Rockies.

By Chris Hunt.