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"National Congress of American Indians strongly urges the United States to uphold its trust responsibility to American Indians and Alaska Natives and engage the Canadian government, through the International Joint Commission, to promote the health and well-being of the transboundary watersheds. [ READ MORE... ]
Wild salmon lovers got an early Christmas present this week. Alaska’s new governor on Monday cut proposed funding for a controversial hydroelectric project on one of the state’s most productive salmon rivers.
TU never contested that Sealaska had the right to select some 70,000 acres of additional federal land from the Tongass National Forest under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. But we had concerns about which lands Sealaska would select, how they would be used, and what level of public [ READ MORE... ]
"By continuing to spend the large bulk of its resources on an outdated and costly timber program and failing to take advantage of opportunities for job creation in the fishing and tourism industries, the Tongass is throwing good money after bad and undercutting the foundation of the region’s growth [ READ MORE... ]
Roaring at seven knots up the U.S. side of the Stikine River, a grizzly bear of a man named Mark Galla steers our jet boat through a gauntlet of protruding logs, attempting to point out the exact point at which Alaska becomes British Columbia. Against the vastness of the surrounding wilderness, the [ READ MORE... ]
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Fighting for Susitna River salmon
Since 2011, the State of Alaska has been investing in this ill-conceived idea to build the second-tallest dam in North America. No one doubts that the state has energy needs that need addressing. This mega-dam does not come close to solving those issues.
With First Nations help, Americans may be able to stop some of the mines. At worst they can make them significantly less damaging. One of their options is the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty, which established the International Joint Commission to facilitate transboundary water disputes. The treaty is [ READ MORE... ]
This week’s news that the U.S. Forest Service has issued a contract for a large old-growth timber sale on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is disappointing to a wide range of Americans, including sport and commercial fishermen, hunters, tourism operators and visitors to [ READ MORE... ]
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Time for Change on the Tongass
The logging industry can either ensure its downward slide by continuing to push rainforests and wolves to the brink or opt for sustainability and prosperity for Alaskans. The time for change is now.
I first came to Alaska in 2003 to work for the U.S. Forest Service on Prince of Wales Island. As a recent college graduate I was more interested in chasing fish and drinking beer than most anything else, and Thorne Bay was a great place to call home. What island life lacked in cheap beer it more [ READ MORE... ]