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After Greg Anelon, from Newhalen, squeezed himself into a booth at Spenard Road House in Anchorage Thursday night, he got himself settled and serious, momentarily. "I love spending Pebble's money," he said, pausing before slapping the table and laughing a big, hearty laugh.
As voters in the Lake and Peninsula Borough cast their ballots Tuesday on whether they supported one of the world's largest gold and copper mines in their backyard, traders on Wall Street were sending their own message.
So this is the new campaign form Peta targeting fishing. So they think it is bad to let your kids become hookers (obviously playing off the fact that a prostitute is a bad thing to be) yet they are creating their own pornographic website to promote their causes. Who is looking over their campaign [ READ MORE... ]
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I just got a new but old book named: Mayflies, the Angler, and the Trout. It has some great info and tying instructions. We are right in the middle of our fall hatch so I am getting busy on some new patterns to throw at them. I think they have seen way to much of the norm...  
I just thought I would throw out a few tips for gearing for your Fly Fishing trip to Northern NM. You can easily get away with fishing most of our rivers with a 9' 4wt. With the exception of the Rio and the San Juan and to be honest you could use a 4wt there as well. I fished both with a Scott G2 9 [ READ MORE... ]
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It's here!
Woke up this morning to snow on the mountains! Lovin it...
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Upper Pecos River, NM
Levels up water off color