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Glacier National Park Closed to Boating
Glacier National Park announced in a press release on Thursday that in response to the recent detection of invasive mussel populations in central Montana, the park has issued an interim boating closure within all park waters.
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Veterans Day and Trout Unlimited
Today is Veterans Day! Thank you to all our nation's veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedoms!
Thank you to Pere Marquette TU for its support and thank you to all the PMTU volunteers and the guides who donated their services to this great event.  We hope you have a wonderful time and some great fishing!  
The 2016 TU Annual Meeting in Bozeman is in the books!  It was a wonderful event with record attendance at the meeting and record participation in the Annual Meeting Fishing Day!
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An Amazing Annual Meeting Fishing Day!
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Annual Meeting Fishing Day yesterday in Bozeman for making it an ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR SUCCESS!  We had the LARGEST FISHING DAY EVER with over 80 TU Anglers and 38 volunteer TU Hosts!
Dear TU Annual Meeting Anglers,  
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Annual Meeting Fishing Day Weather!
Looks like we're going to have some nice weather for the Annual Meeting Fishing Day!  Don't forget your sun block!  See all you TU Anglers in a few days!
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Depuy's Spring Creek Report!
For you TU Annual Meeting Fishing Day folks who have signed up to fish on Depuy's Spring Creek. following is a link to Buzz Basini's Spring Creek Specialist Fly Shop.  Buzz's shop is located, literally, on the banks of Depuy's.
The 2016 TAPS Montana Men's Retreat/TU VSP event is in the books! This was TU VSP's third year of partnering with TAPS on the Montana Men's Retreat, and this year's event was another outstanding event.
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Flies to Use on the Fishing Day
I've been getting quite a few questions regarding fly patterns to use on the Annual Meeting Fishing Day, and I have some suggestions.  First, I firmly believe in getting my flies and fly suggestions from the local fly shops and guides where I am going fishing.