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Dave Atcheson interviews Bristol Bay Lodge Owner John Holman about why he stepped into the fight
The fishing industry generously donates over $2,500 in gear to activate Save Bristol Bay base at 2014 Fly Fishing Show tour.
Northern Dynasty remains dedicated to building Pebble, still not sure when they will permit though. Great story on Bay Science in HCN, story on local conservation and Pebble and a Farm to Fork talks salmon and mining.
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The Industry: AFFTA Steps Up
The Fishing Industry is behind us, and if anyone gets the idea that Conservation is better for the bottom line, it's the American Fly Fishing Trade Association.
As the Pebble Mine fight moves on Opposition Grows - In the News
In a time when the state of Alaska is considering a number of projects that many see as a war on salmon and fishing, along comes a bill in the Alaska Legislature that continues the assault.
One of America's most famous big fish rivers finally has a TU Chapter, the Kenai Peninsula Chapter is up and running.
Trout Unlimited's Alaska Program has a generous donor willing to match donations up to $200,000 by the end of the year!
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Celebrating Alaska Day
On this day back in 1867, for mere pennies an acre, the Russian government signed over Alaska to the United States. For those of you who have fished Alaska – you know that’s a screamin deal. This Alaska Day, and every day, TU’s Alaska Program staff and volunteers are working to protect those epic [ READ MORE... ]
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Staying Vigilant in Alaska
This morning the editorial page of the Seattle Times reminded us that, despite the loss of much of Pebble Mine’s funding when Anglo-American backed out of the project last week, we must remain vigilant. We cannot stop now.