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Before TU camp, I did not even think about things like this, and I did not think about how it had happened in my own backyard.
Logan attended the third annual national TU Teen Summit, held this past summer in the Driftless Area in Wisconsin.  We appreciated Logan's reflections on what makes TU tick.
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Youth make excellent TU leaders
Young people in their teens and early 20s take on MANY leadership roles at TU.
I took with me a special place in my heart for Trout Camp
Every summer, TU Camp and Academy graduates are invited to enter the TU Teen essay contest, in which they share their camp experiences.  This year we have four winners, and we'll be sharing the winning essays and a litte bit about the writers throughout the month of October.
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Engaging Youth in Your Chapter
children and teens come to TU for the same reason that most everyone joins TU--they care about streams and they love fishing.
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Trout Camps coming soon!
So looking forward to all this summer's camp!  Here's a great reminder from Vermont of everything camp can be.
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How to Post in This Group
Hey everyone!   Once you're a member of the group, you can use the big orange CREATE CONTENT button on the top right to write a blog post about yourself or share a fly pattern or whatever. That way, everyone's posts are not just comments in one thread.      
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Stream Explorers in your TROUT
Youth have their very own TU membership level, with benefits just for them.
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TU Teen Summit FAQs -- 2014
Come to TU’s Teen Summit to meet other TU teens from across the country, talk about how TU can better engage teen members, learn how to become a TU leader in your community, work on a service project and fish! Spend three days in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area with a group of new friends that love [ READ MORE... ]