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Frank Moore - A Public Lands Story
Frank Moore, a World War II veteran and a legendary steward of the North Umpqua River, discusses his personal connection to America's public lands.
Under the new-and-improved KHSA, four old, unproductive hydropower dams on the Klamath River will be removed beginning in the year 2020. This action will open up 500 miles of habitat for steelhead and some 420 miles for salmon.
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Trout Tips: The Hammer
Kirk Deeter is back with the second installment of "Trout Tips". This time he's talking about an area of fishing most of us could improve on — our cast.
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2015 Alaska Trip Winners
2015 Alaska Trip Winners Congratulations to our sweepstakes winners! Grand Prize Winner Marilyn S.- Kent, WA
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Trouble for Upper Delaware River flows
The Upper Delaware River is a lot of things: one of our best trout fisheries, a beloved destination for anglers across the region, an economic driver for local communities, and a source of drinking water for New York City and downstream states
Trout Unlimited is surveying its ENTIRE membership in an effort to better understand our members.
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The making of a "Life" rod
Along with Orvis, we've put together a truly amazing rod for this year's new life members. Zachary Dingus talked about the process of creating the new rod in the last issue of TROUT magazine.
Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, talks about a new way to protect public lands in the West.