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We bring people who care about coldwater fisheries together to protect, reconnect and restore the places they love to fish.

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We protect important habitat and work on the ground to restore the special places where trout and salmon live.

Renewable energy, public lands

Both environmentalists and many energy companies agree that that we need to invest more in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, to help address the causes and the effects of a changing climate, including prolonged drought, unnaturally intense wildfires, and extreme floods.

Say 'no' to Pebble

The Pebble mine would be one of the largest open pit gold and copper mines in the world and multiple times larger than every hard rock mine in Alaska combined.


We’re more than just a fishing club — but fishing is in our DNA. If we take care of the fish, the fishing will take care of itself.

Headwaters Youth Program

Our program encompasses a wide range of watershed and fly-fishing education programs known as the Stream of Engagement, serving children, teenagers and young adults.

Educating youth now means that the next generation will be ready, willing and able to sustain Trout Unlimited’s work into the future—continuing to protect, reconnect, and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.


We sleep, breathe and occasionally even eat trout and salmon — and we love to talk about it.

Tips for Anglers

With the best anglers in the business, we obsessively gather and share tips to make you a better angler.

GEAR Reviews

We put the newest and best gear to the test. From rods to reels, feather to fur, we’ve got you covered.

Get Your Gear

Shop exclusive deals on great gear. We’ve got custom rods, reels and TU apparel to help you show your support.

Get Involved

Becoming a member is a great first step, but there are many more ways you can protect our trout and salmon.  Join us!

Sensibly managing our lands for future generations

There are two requirements for quality fishing and hunting opportunities:  healthy habitat and access.


Conservation happens on many levels.  And we’re as comfortable getting wet as we are in a classroom or in the halls of government.

Take Action

Acting for conservation can take on many forms. Donate your talent and make an impact.


Want to help out? Check out our tacklebox to learn all about the many ways you can lend a hand.

Act Locally

With 387 chapters in 36 councils across the country, we’re in your neck of the woods.

Our approach

The best conservation work is done between landowners, agencies, non-profits and other stakeholders.

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