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Watershed restoration

A watershed can be understood as the area that drains into a given river or lake. While that definition is simple, the mechanisms that sustain — or threaten — the health of a watershed often are not. These mechanisms include biological, physical and chemical processes that happen instream, as well as on the ridges, slopes…

Croton Watershed

The Croton Watershed Chapter holds monthly meetings from September through May. We usually have a speaker on fly fishing techniques, destinations or the environment. We have an extremely active Trout-in-the-Classroom program. We organize fishing trips to local and not-so-local destinations.

Watershed Artisans, Inc.

About us Craig Sponholtz founded Watershed Artisans, Inc. in 2003 and has since worked throughout the Southwest, the Southern Rockies and internationally to design and implement stream and wetland restoration projects. He has a true passion for sharing knowledge and inspiration and is dedicated to educating practitioners in the evolving art of healing watersheds. What…