Chris Wood

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    The next half-century of hydropower

    How hydropower relicensing clears a path for migratory trout and salmon Trout Unlimited cares about hydropower because trout and salmon are migratory fish and the fact is, dams are tough on migratory fish. In the case of the Columbia and Snake River dams, for example, the downstream delayed mortality for juvenile smolt at each of…

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    Hold the line on the Great Lakes

    Will Washington do what it takes to prevent yet another invasive species from wreaking havoc on fisheries? Most of us have seen the videos of flying carp. As a bowhunter, my favorites are the ones where people use arrows to target the leaping fish. Most of the time the video ends with a few fish…

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    This force for native trout and salmon conservation is in Texas. (Yes, Texas.)

    The Guadalupe River chapter of TU looks well beyond their state and their (engineered) river to drive important conservation changes for native trout around the nation.

    Native fish come first at Trout Unlimited. Wild trout come second, when they do not compromise native fish. Hatchery fish do not belong if they interfere with wild and native fish.  TU was founded on the banks of the Au Sable River of Michigan by a group of anglers who were frustrated that the state…

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    On mining cleanups, it’s long past time

    A “Good Samaritan” bill in Congress would make it easier for conservationists and partners to tackle abandoned mines polluting Western waters  About two decades ago, the New York Times ran a story about TU’s Ted Fitzgerald, introducing him as “a rangy 59-year-old who was raised in a coal mining family.”   The newspaper described Ted’s role…

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    Under the hood at TU

    From stream restoration to species recovery, science drives Trout Unlimited Three of the greatest days of my professional career spanned from a Friday afternoon to a Monday morning. On the Friday, Jack E. Williams, one of the pre-eminent aquatic scientists in the country and at the time the head of the fisheries program for the…