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    How to fish streamers from a boat

    This past week I was lucky enough to play hooky for a day and float a glorious 10-mile stretch of my favorite river with a good friend. We went with the intention of fishing dry flies. Specifically Blue Winged Olives. While there was sporadic activity with those dainty little mayflies the real star of the…

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    PSA: Please pee in the river

    In the event you do not have a loo with a view, please do the surrounding landscape a favor and pee in the river. Why you ask? Well, dilution is the solution to the pollution! Say that three times fast... If everyone peed at every campsite, put-in, lunch spot, and take out on the river…

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    Video: tips for paddling a canoe on your own

    I can say the next time I get in a canoe solo I'll be much better prepared from these simple paddling tips they expertly explain here in this video.

    I will be the first to admit, canoes intimidate me. Especially paddling one solo. I'm a rower. I even row canoes if possible... The problem is canoes can go just about everywhere and are found on every type of water. They are a ubiquitous craft in the fishing and boating world. I can't tell you…