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    Flies, flies and more flies

    I tie flies like I play guitar. Poorly. An occasional creation will resemble a known fly, and an even more occasional fly will fool a fish, but my skills as a tyer are limited. That may explain my fascination with really-good tyers—people who can create, with a combination of fur, wire, tinsel, and feathers, creations…

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    Set, set, set!

    “Set, set, set!” I shot up in bed, slammed my hand above the bedpost, and in the process spilled a bottle of water onto my book on the night-stand. Damn Pancho and Teo. Awaking from my dream, and cleaning up the water, I thought about my friend, Pancho Panzer—a proud Trout Unlimited business member and…

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    Measuring success on Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna

    By Shawn Rummel   The West Branch Susquehanna drains an area of approximately 7,000 squares miles in north-central Pennsylvania, a watershed that’s double the size of Yellowstone National Park.   Due to the large amount of public land in the basin —more than one-third is state forest, state park, or state game lands — it is a tremendous resource for outdoor recreation.…

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    The Tomorrow Fund

    I landed at the Austin airport, and hustled over to the rental car company only to be told my license had expired the day before. The glee of the two clerks behind the counter was not lost on me. I was 90 minutes from New Braunfels, Texas, where I was scheduled in a few hours…

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    Taking action to protect the places we live and love

    This week’s news that the EPA was suspending the Clean Water Act’s protections for headwater streams was a stark reminder that elections have consequences. The previous presidential administration worked for years to write the rule, and the new one doesn’t like it. Game over, right? No. Don’t forget an unassailable fact—elected leaders are elected. By…

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    What does the SCOTUS decision mean for clean water?

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that district courts across the country -- not the circuit courts--should be the first to hear the merits of cases regarding the 2015 Clean Water Rule. In 2015, the Sixth Circuit stayed the Clean Water Rule nationwide. Pending the outcome of litigation in the district courts, yesterday’s decision potentially…