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    Counting fish in your PJs

    Monitoring steelhead and salmon using sonar

    TU's Dean Finnerty checks on sonar equipment that counts fish moving up a southwest Oregon river.

    Collecting salmon and steelhead population data through the outbreak Trout Unlimited members can take comfort that, despite the dramatic upheaval in our human lives over the past few months, salmon and steelhead are unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. Except, perhaps, by a big drop-off in angling pressure as many states close or restrict access to…

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    New StoryMap highlights Tippy Dam project in Michigan

    Highlights of the important restoration work on the Manistee

    Trout Unlimited has produced an informative ArcGIS StoryMap highlighting an important 2019 restoration project on Michigan's Manistee River.TU, the Forest Service, Huron-Manistee National Forest and other partners completed Phase I of a multi-year project aimed to restore the severely eroded banks of the Manistee River below Tippy Dam in Wellston. The project site, known locally…

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    Snake River salmon: Let’s give credit where credit is due

    Last week Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) turned up the volume on the issue of recovering Snake River salmon and steelhead.   Not that the issue wasn’t front and center for him before. He has been battling to find ways to bring back Idaho’s dwindling salmon and steelhead populations for years.  Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho But now that a long-anticipated Draft Environmental Impact Statement has outlined a “business as usual” approach – indeed,…