Eat a salmon for Bristol Bay with Steve Kurian from Pride of Bristol Bay

Steve and Jenn Kurian and Family

Bristol Bay, Alaska … the center of the earth for wild sockeye salmon, a top-10 location for dream sportfishing opportunity, and Ground Zero for the battle against the proposed Pebble Mine.

Unfortunately, if you know about Bristol Bay, you also likely know about the ill-conceived Pebble Mine plan from Northern Dynasty Minerals that would create North America’s largest open-pit gold and copper mine next to and atop important salmon rivers that drain into Bristol Bay.

Trout Unlimited’s “Save Bristol Bay” effort is among our longest-running campaigns to stop the proposed Pebble Mine. Bristol Bay continues to produce one of the most prolific sockeye salmon runs left on earth, returning over 63 million sockeye last summer alone. Healthy salmon runs are the foundation of the Bristol Bay region’s economic, social, cultural and ecological well-being. The fishery there supports over 14,000 jobs including commercial fishermen, processors, lodge owners, guides, tourism operators and more.

But do you know Steve and Jenn Kurian and their family? You should. Steve and Jenn are TU Business Members and veteran commercial salmon fishers. They’re also the owners of Wild for Salmon and Pride of Bristol Bay, companies founded on the principle that delicious, sustainably-harvested wild salmon could help people around the country know what makes Bristol Bay so special. What’s more, they also donate 1 percent of all sales to fund TU’s conservation work to protect Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay is a special place, far too special to risk. Steve and Jenn know that. So do we. That’s why we’re working with a host of stakeholders to oppose efforts to make this mine a reality. We appreciate the ongoing support from TU members and chapters from coast to coast, and we appreciate great TU Business Members like Steve and Jenn.

Pride of Bristol Bay                         

Steve and Jenn Kurian

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Wild for Salmon

Steve and Jenn Kurian

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By Walt Gasson.