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Fishing with an advocate at Montana Angling Company

We have TU Business members in pretty much every sector of the economy. By no means are all of them are directly fishing related. There are insurance companies, wealth management companies, construction companies and more. But as we all know, the heart and soul of our business are the guides, outfitters and fly shops. They’re the front lines of the fly fishing industry and the core of our Business members. I love these folks. Some of them have been at it a long time. Some of them are young folks who are just on fire with the love of what they do. And one of those is Max Yzaguirre.

Max and his outfit Montana Angling Company came to us through my old friend Calvin Hazlewood. Calvin spent one day with Max fishing near Bozeman, MT and came back the president of the Montana Angling Company Fan Club. He told me, “You gotta call him. You gotta meet him. He’s the best!” Calvin’s never lied to me about anything yet, and he was spot on. Max is a young outfitter who works hard to provide anglers with the best Montana fly fishing experience.

Read his reviews or talk to anyone who’s fished with him. You’re going to hear a lot about those big grins, his patience and teaching ability, his professionalism and his love of fun on the water. You’re also going to hear a lot about the great waters they fished: drift boats on the Yellowstone, the Missouri, the Madison, Jefferson and Bighorn. You’re going to hear about fishing from a raft on the Gallatin, the Blackfoot, the Boulder, Stillwater and Dearborn. If walk and wade is more your style, you’re going to hear about fishing in Yellowstone National Park, on the Paradise Valley spring creeks and more.

But when you actually fish with Max, you’re going to hear a lot more than that. You’re going to hear about not just the fish, but the wildlife and the natural history of the places you fish. And you’re going to hear a passionate advocacy for those places. A while back, when Trout Unlimited needed supporters for a measure to protect Montana’s waters from irresponsible hardrock mining, Max was among the first to stand up. We videoed him talking about his love for his home waters right there in his living room – no prep time, no miscues – just a good man speaking from the heart.

Max Yzaguirre is the real deal. And we’re grateful he’s a TU Business member.

Montana Angling Company

Max Yzaguirre

Bozeman, MT 59715                                                

(406) 579-9553

By Walt Gasson.