Fishing with Riverside Anglers in West Yellowstone, Mont.

In the same boat

What we do as fly anglers — what Trout Unlimited does as an organization – affects millions of others around the world. In a very real and very immediate sense, it affects our TU Business members. These members have supported us at every level of our organization from the local chapter banquet to the lobbying in Washington, DC. Now, it’s time for us to support them. Because we’re all in the same boat.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about Yellowstone. Who wouldn’t be right about now? It’s the oldest and greatest of our national parks. It’s the crown jewel of the national parks system and widely considered the fly angler’s national park. But in the beginning, it was wilderness. And even though it was a national park, it was unprotected from market hunters, poachers and other illegal exploitation. The U.S. Army was called in, and in 1886 they established Riverside Station, a patrol cabin on the banks of the Madison River about two miles from the present location of West Yellowstone, Mont.

More than a century later, fishing guide and outfitter Alice Owsley selected this same location for her business. What’s more, she selected the same historic name. Riverside Anglers was born on the banks of the Madison. Alice is one of the hardest-working professional fishing guides anywhere. In over three decades of fishing experience, she’s learned what it takes to make a great day on the water. Alice knows how to make great fly-fishing memories in the Yellowstone country.

Riverside Anglers offers guided float or wade fishing trips on the Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone. They do guided wade fishing trips on the rivers and lakes in Yellowstone National Park. But be prepared — with any Riverside Anglers trip comes a large dose of TU commitment to conservation and to expanding the world of fly fishing. That’s because Alice Owsley is great outfitter and a proud member of the TU Team.

These are difficult times. COVID-19 has all of us on edge. Some places are under lockdown, some are not. We’re trying to be responsible, but we want to be able to fish while practicing social distancing and limiting up-close personal contact with others. The financial impacts are real for our TU Business members. In communities across the US and around the world, we’re all experiencing it. We need to support each other. After all, we’re all in the same boat.

Riverside Anglers, Inc. (O, G)

Alice Owsley

MT Outfitter #9435

West Yellowstone, MT 59758

(406) 640-1698

By Walt Gasson.