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Fishing with the pros at Tactical Fly Fisher

One of the things that I love most about fly fishing is the continuous learning that’s involved. No matter how much you learn about it, there’s always someone who can teach you something. If you’re willing to listen and try new things, you can always get better at it. And once in a while, you run into someone who just knocks your socks off with their knowledge. Like Devin Olsen from Tactical Fly Fisher in Springville, Utah.

If you’re a serious fly angler, you may already know this guy. He started fly fishing at age 9. And like a lot of us, he still remembers that magical fish — the one that started everything. In Devin’s case, it was a cutthroat from Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park. And that fish started an addiction to fly fishing that persists to this day.

One thing led to another, and soon Devin was competing against and learning from anglers nationwide. In 2006 he fished in his first regional and made Fly Fishing Team USA. The ensuing years have been educational for this competitive angler, and his success has been tremendous. Devin’s experiences in competitive fly fishing exposed him to tactics and techniques from teammates and fellow fly anglers from across the globe. Away from competitive fishing, fish influenced his professional life as well. He earned a bachelor’s degree in ecology and a master’s degree in fisheries science. He spent three years working as a fisheries biologist before taking on Tactical Fly Fisher as a full-time business in 2017.

Since then, he’s worked hard to use the things he’s learned as a competitive angler and guide to benefit us all. His passion for fish, their habitat and teaching come through when you talk with him. But to get the full benefit, I recommend Devin’s book Tactical Fly Fishing. It’s a classic. But so is the shop. If you’re ever in northern Utah, stop by and see them in Springville. Or check out their online presence at Tactical Fly Fisher. You’ll be glad you did.

We’re proud to call Devin a friend and TU Business member.

Tactical Fly Fisher, LLC

Devin Olsen

Springville, UT 84663

(801) 870-7091

By Walt Gasson.