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Healing Waters Lodge is a Gold Level TU Business Member

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a Wyoming guy. I have roots here a mile deep. But if they ever throw me out of the Cowboy State, I’m headed north. I love Montana. It’s the only place I know where everyone you meet is carrying a backpack and a rod tube. There are lots of reasons for the fact that fly anglers flock to Montana. It’s a beautiful place, with great access to great fishing. It has a long and colorful history as the fly fishing capital of the American west.

Let me give you one more reason to love Montana: Healing Waters Lodge in Twin Bridges, Montana. In fact, let me give you two more: Mike and Laura Geary and their ongoing commitment to conservation while operating a first-class lodge and outfitting business.

There’s no question that Healing Waters Lodge is a great fly fishing destination. They offer a vast array of angling choices for any fly fisherman. There are lodge-guided packages that include floats on larger rivers like the Madison, Jefferson, Big Hole or Beaverhead. There are local spring creeks with exclusive access for their guests. There are big fish – really big fish – in stillwater fisheries that your guide can teach you to fish with a skill you might not know you have. And there’s a lodge that sits on 20 acres of the most beautiful land in the Ruby Valley, with luxurious guest rooms that capture the feel of the real Montana. And there’s the food. No destination lodge can afford to skimp on feeding their guests, but Healing Waters takes it to another level. Local ingredients, seasonal dishes and an attention to individual needs and preferences sets the cuisine here apart.

But your hosts here are what truly makes the experience. Mike and Laura Geary know what it takes to make a great experience for their guests, and they do it every time. They also know that caring for the waters and the fish are an integral part of operating a world-class fly fishing lodge. Mike and Laura are truly part of the TU team. He and Laura are advocates for TU and conservation issues at many levels within MT and beyond. They’ve been very generous supporters of TU through their business, including donating their time and money to support our efforts to protect the Smith River and fundraising for other TU campaigns in Montana and nationwide.

My good friend Steven Brutger sums is up when he says, “There are lots of great TU Business members who support our efforts, but I can think of only a few who do as much for TU as Mike and Laura Geary. They do it solely because they love the organization and the mission. Folks like Mike and Laura are the strength of TU.” Amen, Steven.

We’re proud to say that Mike and Laura Geary at Healing Waters Lodge are Gold Level TU Business members.

Healing Waters Lodge                                               

Mike and Laura Geary

Twin Bridges, MT 59754

 (406) 684-5960

By Walt Gasson.