Instagram Live with Chad Brown from Soul River Runs Deep

Chad Brown

You probably know this guy. If you don’t, you should.  This is my friend Chad Brown – one of the most remarkable human beings I’ve ever met. Join me on September 28 – that’s Monday – at 1 PM PDT @troutunlimited when we talk with Chad @soulriverinc about his exciting new “Love Is King” initiative. Clear your calendar and tune in – this will be awesome!

Chad is the founder of Soul River Runs Deep, a great TU Business member in Portland, OR. Soul River is not just a retailer. It’s a community. Community has always been and will always be the heartbeat of this business. For every product sold at Soul River, 15% is given back to their nonprofit Soul River Inc. SRI has a mission: serving inner-city youth and veterans by connecting them to the outdoors, using fly fishing as a base to build relationships through mentorship and creating ambassadors of the outdoors.

The folks at Soul River aim to create a place that inspires the building of healthy communities and connections between people and connections between ideas and people. When everything else falls away, what we have is each other and the artifacts of our experiences. Soul River is about celebrating each other, our time here, and the things that breathe meaning, comfort and joy into our lives. – Soul River Runs Deep within all of us.

By Walt Gasson.