Instagram Live with Kate Vick from J. Stockard Fly Fishing - POSTPONED!


J. Stockard was founded 15+ years ago by husband and wife team, Kate & James Vick. Starting out in a single bay of their 2-car garage, J Stockard now ships from its distribution center located in Kent CT, close by to the beautiful Housatonic River, a premier New England fly fishing destination. The ‘Housy’, as it is called by locals, is a top-notch trout fishery that winds its way through Massachusetts and Connecticut before emptying into Long Island Sound. While there is lots of good fishing close by, J. Stockard really is an international company, they regularly shipped fly tying materials and tools to fly fishers in all 50 states, Canada and plenty of other destinations worldwide.

Join us on Wednesday August 5 at 4 PM EDT on Instagram Live @troutunlimited when we talk with Kate Vick @jsflyfishing about fly tying, fly fishing and more!

J. Stockard Fly Fishing  (O)

Kent, CT 06757

(877) 359-8946

By Walt Gasson.