Instagram Live with Nate Stevane from Trout on the Fly in Bozeman, MT

Trout On The Fly

OK, show of hands: Who knows Nate Stevane? If you don’t, you should. Everyone knows that you can’t swing a dead cat in Montana and not hit a fishing outfitter. But not everyone knows Nate Stevane from Trout on the Fly in Bozeman, MT. I do, and if you fly fish you should, too.

Nate and the guides at Trout on the Fly can put you on fish on the Missouri, the Madison, the Jefferson, the Gallatin, the Yellowstone, the Bighorn – the fabled big fish waters of Montana. They can even put you on fish in Yellowstone National Park.  That’s a lot of different rivers, for sure, and they know every one of them intimately.

Join us on Instagram Live Wednesday September 2 at 2:00 PM @troutunlimited when we talk with Nate Stevane @mttroutonthefly about fishing, conservation and the best time to fish in Montana. (Hint: There isn’t really a bad time!)

By Walt Gasson.