Watch TU live on Instagram with Peter Vandergrift from Cheeky, Wingo

If you know fly-fishing, you probably know Peter Vandergrift. And if you know Peter, you know that he knows fly-fishing. He has a long and diverse history in the fishing industry. He began guiding at 19 in Alaska in the shadow of the proposed Pebble Mine. He went on to guide and outfit in Montana and northern Wyoming prior to spending five years with Simms Fishing Products and another seven years with Costa Sunglasses. He recently joined North Point Brands as Chief Marketing Officer for both their Cheeky Fishing and Wingo Outdoor brands.

Like I said, this guy knows fly-fishing. But maybe more important, Peter knows conservation. Conservation and community are the hallmarks of Vandergrift’s work. He has been instrumental in establishing the Kick Plastic movement. He was also recognized for his work with the indigenous fishing communities with the nonprofit Indifly as well as helping Trout Unlimited connect to the next generation of conservationist with the Costa TU 5 Rivers College program.

Join us today on Instagram Live @troutunlimited at 2 p.m. MDT when we talk with Peter Vandergrift about fly-fishing, conservation and the future of both.

By Walt Gasson.