Matt Heron Fly Fishing takes you to the Truckee

I suppose there are people – perhaps many people – who do not immediately think of fly-fishing when the hear the word “California.” There was a time when I might not have, either. But I’m over that now, mostly because of great people like my friend Matt Heron.

Matt started his fly-fishing career over two decades ago and has never looked back. He grew up catching trout and bass in the historic Adirondack Mountains, and not long after was chasing the huge trophy steelhead, brown trout and salmon in the Great Lakes tributaries every fall and spring. Matt’s love of the outdoors led him to receive degrees in Aquaculture and Aquatic Science from the State University at Morrisville, and degrees in Recreation, Recreation Management, and Outdoor Education from the State University at Cortland.

Matt Heron Fly Fishing is an all-inclusive fly-fishing school and outfitter located just minutes from Lake Tahoe. Nationally recognized for its school and teaching curriculum, most classes take place daily at the beautiful Resort at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley, California. Their outfitter program and guide trips are based out of the town of Truckee, with most trips taking place on the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers right in their own back yard.

You can’t talk about this great TU Business member without talking about the Truckee River. This is their home water. If you’re not familiar with the Truckee, this is one of California’s classic freestone streams. It flows northeasterly and is 121 miles long after in exits Lake Tahoe near Tahoe City, CA.

There are 63 tributaries that enter Lake Tahoe, but the Truckee is the only outlet that drains the lake and surrounding high Sierra Nevada mountains, eventually emptying into Pyramid Lake in the Great Basin. Like many rivers in the interior West, it’s seen its share of rough times. But the Truckee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited has a long-term commitment to this great watershed, and their work has been simply awesome. Matt is a long-time grassroots leader in this chapter, and he’s been a part of this great conservation success story.

When (not if) you plan to fish with Matt and his guides, you should know that the Truckee comes with every type of water imaginable: runs, riffles, plunge pools, boulders and everything else you’d find in a bigger river. It’s almost exclusively walk and wade fishing, done with 5- and 6-weight rods. More importantly, it’s the type of fishing that you can do safely during the age of COVID. They have strict protocols in place to keep their guests happy and healthy.

Check them out. They’re great folks, and they’re a great TU Business member.

Matt Heron Fly Fishing (O, G)

Matt Heron

Truckee, CA 96161

(518)  225-6587                     

By Walt Gasson.