Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon, NJ is a TU team player

Jim Holland - Shannon's Fly Shop

What a year this has been! As we head toward Thanksgiving, it would probably be a good thing to reflect a little bit, and be thankful for the things and the people that have sustained us over the last year. Things like fishing, for example. And people that helped us get through these difficult times. People like our friends at Shannon’s Fly and Tackle in Califon, NJ.

This is one of America’s great fly shops. Les Shannon established the shop in 1973. From the beginning, his intent was to serve his customers with the best knowledge, flies, tying materials and products possible. Always a man ahead of his time, Les was a lifelong student of the game, a catch and release angler and an innovative fly tyer. He not only understood entomology and conservation, but he had a vision for the future of conservation in New Jersey.

The keepers of that vision are Jim Holland, George Cassa and Eric Hildebrant. Along with the great staff. at Shannon’s they have worked with the local Ken Lockwood Chapter and the New Jersey Council and partners like the Raritan Headwaters Association, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and New Jersey Highlands Coalition to fund and carry out a host of great projects. In addition, they have involved larger regional organizations such as Friends of the Upper Delaware and William Penn Foundation. Jim is quick to deflect credit from himself and toward others.

He’s right – it’s a team effort. Everything we do at TU is a team effort. But you can’t have a great team effort without a great team. There’s no question that Jim and the folks at Shannon’s are a part of that great team. They know their home water on the South Branch of the Raritan. It’s literally in their back yard. But they can put you on great water and great fishing far beyond their own backyard. They can help you find fish in Jew Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. And they can make sure you’ve got the gear to be successful. Now that’s a great team member!

For a great look at Jim Holland in action, check out the video from our friends Tim and Joan Flagler at Tightline Productions:

Shannon’s Fly and Tackle Shop                  

Jim Holland

Califon, NJ 07830

(908) 832-5736

By Walt Gasson.