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Animas River Fall in Canyon. View from the Silverton-Durango Narrow Gauge Train. Converted from 14-bit Raw file. sRGB color space.

In the same boat

These are difficult times. COVID-19 has all of us on edge. Millions of us are under lockdown. Millions more are isolating themselves and practicing social distancing, limiting their personal contact with others. It’s a global pandemic, and it’s serious business. In communities across the US and around the world, we’re all experiencing it. Let’s support each other. After all, we’re all in the same boat.

The good news is that it’s a great boat to be in. And there’s no better place to be in it than in Durango, Colo. If I were to compile a list of the greatest little fly-fishing towns in America (and come to think of it, I might!) the city of Durango would most assuredly be on it. If you’re thinking of fishing in Durango, then you absolutely must think about The San Juan Angler.

Cole Glenn and the good folks at The San Juan Angler are conveniently located right in the middle of Durango, upstairs on the corner of Main Avenue and College Street. Whether you are a beginner, avid angler, or just curious about fly fishing, this is the shop for you. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff is eager to share information on our local waters and recommend patterns and tactics that will help you catch fish. They have an extensive array of products with well-recognized brand names that will fit any budget. This shop prides itself on having the largest selection of flies in the Four Corners region. But what are flies without a place to fish them?

The San Juan River originates in the San Juan Mountains and flows from Pagosa Springs to Navajo Reservoir. Below that reservoir is the world-famous San Juan River tailwater. This incredible 3.75 mile stretch of Gold Medal water is located an hour south of Durango just across the state line. Consistent water temperatures and good water management make for an   abundance of midges, annelids, scuds, BWOs, and various other aquatic insects. That’s why the size and abundance of trout in the San Juan are legendary. But the San Juan isn’t the only place to fish.

The Animas River flows within two blocks of The San Juan Angler, and the guides here spend a great deal of time on this river system. Rainbows and browns call the lower river home while cutthroats and brook trout can be found in the upper reaches. Trout ranging in size from 12” to 18” are common but fish 20” to 25” + are frequently caught and released. The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife has designated a 4-mile section of the Animas as Gold Medal water, offering especially high-quality fishing conditions.

What we do as fly anglers – what Trout Unlimited does as an organization – affects millions of others around the world. In a very real and very immediate sense, it affects our TU Business members like The San Juan Angler. These members have supported us at every level of our organization from the local chapter banquet to the lobbying in Washington, DC. Now, it’s time for us to support them because we’re all in the same boat.

The San Juan Angler

Cole Glenn

Durango, CO 81301

(970) 382-9978

By Walt Gasson.