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The art of conservation - sculptor David Richardson of Colorado Fly Fishing Art

When we talk about fly fishing, there’s often a bit of debate regarding whether our pursuit is more art or science. While in the opinion of this author it’s a healthy dose of both, for some the pursuit of trout on the fly serves as an irresistible inspiration to create actual art. And by that I mean not a mass of fur and feathers spun up on a vise with a beer close at hand (which is about as close as most of us come to such a thing).

Since 2009, master metal worker David Richardson has owned and operated Richardson Studio and Colorado Fly Fishing Art in his native state of Colorado. While his work speaks for itself, his accolades are numerous. Elected as a member of the National Sculpture Society in 2019, David’s work can be seen in both public and private collections on several continents. Just this year David was selected as the recipient of the SEWE (South Eastern Wildlife Exposition) Participation Scholarship; an award recognizing excellence in wildlife-oriented sculpture.

Growing up in Colorado with a fly rod in hand, David found inspiration for his artwork on the trout streams of his home state. In his own words, David says he is “passionate about using sculpture to express the beauty of fly fishing and the importance of conservation.”

While it’s not uncommon for artists to draw from nature to influence their work, David also uses his passion to support conservation work to protect the places and creatures that he cares so deeply about. In addition to being a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Business Member, David has partnered with the Colorado Council of Trout Unlimited to release two different hand-sculpted bronze belt buckles with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support the conservation work of CTU. If you’re in the market for a beautiful way to keep your pants up that also helps out our fluvial friends and the places they live, go buy one!

Colorado Fly Fishing Art 

Dave Richardson 

Berthoud, CO 80513 

(970) 556-4529 




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