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TU Business: Thin Air Angler

Bob Reece. Photo by Reece's Thin Air Angler.

You may know him as a fly-tying savant. His reputation there is solid, and if you’ve ever watched him at a fly-fishing show, you can see immediately that it’s deserved. He makes hard things look easy. Bob Reece is a professional in every sense of the word.

He’s one of America’s best at the vise. He’s an Umpqua Signature Fly Designer who wrote for Fly Fusion Magazine as well as Gink & Gasoline. But you may not know that he’s an outstanding guide, too. He’s guided all over the interior West, but now at Thin Air Angler he works primarily from the fabled Horse Creek Ranch near Cheyenne, Wyo. To coin a phrase, it’s a magical place.

Fly Fishing at Horse Creek Ranch. Photo by Thin Air Angler.

Steeped in the history of the old West, it’s 60,000 acres on the east flank of the Laramie Range. Its history goes back to the last century, and the one before that. But it’s also home to 17 stillwaters that promise the best trout fishing in southeast Wyoming. These bodies of water range in size and all are fed by groundwater springs or free flowing creeks. This helps maintain ideal water temperatures and great habitat that grows robust trout populations. There are brook trout up to 20 inches, along with rainbows, browns, cutthroats and tiger trout. Five-pound fish are not uncommon. All these waters are fishable from shore, but Bob can provide a boat if you’re more comfortable with that option.

 There are also numerous miles of small streams on the Horse Creek Ranch, home to brook trout and the occasional rainbow or brown. If you’re a Tenkara angler, these streams were made for you. Keep in mind that this is rugged country, and anglers here need to be in good shape. You’ll be walking several miles a day at an elevation over 6,000 feet. But you’ll be rewarded — you will most definitely be rewarded!

Photo by Thin Air Angler.

And now, Bob is offering hosted trips to South America. Want to fish for golden dorado in the headwaters of the Amazon?  He can do it.  How about that bucket list trip to Patagonia for pristine trout fishing in one of the world’s last untouched landscapes? He’s got you covered.  

All these destinations are fabulous. But the real hidden gem here is Bob Reece himself. Here’s a great guy, a great tyer and an amazing guy who has given thousands of hours of his time to introducing young people to fly fishing. He understands fish and fish habitat. He understands conservation. And he’s a proud TU Business Member.

Thin Air Angler                                   

Bob Reece

Cheyenne, WY 82009

(307) 256-2741