TU photography featured in 'This is Fly'

The photography of Trout Unlimited’s Josh Duplechian is featured the latest edition of This is Fly, an online fly-fishing magazine.

Josh is a gifted photographer, and I’ve known him for well over 15 years—he and I worked together at the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello before we both escaped the newspaper industry and came to work for TU. Over the years, he’s helped transform TU’s visual offerings from something a bit raw and experimental into something much more professional. Josh also runs our a Instagram page, and he uses it to promote not only the quality photos and videos we produce, but also some of our blog posts that have great visual content and import.

Check out the photo spread in This is Fly. You’ll see why we grabbed Josh when we could.

As an aside, a quick shout-out to Garrison Doctor of Rep Your Water, a TU Business Partner, who’s featured in the same issue of the magazine for working with Meier Skis to design some sweet sticks for Colorado’s powdery slopes.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.