Wilderness Place Lodge walks the talk

Sometimes, even when you try to tell a story the very best you possibly can, you leave important things out. And that’s a bad thing. Because important things are, well, important. And that’s what we did recently with the short article we did on Wilderness Place Lodge in the spring issue of TROUT magazine. We managed to tell the basics of what makes this lodge a great place to come and fish. But we left out the most important part — the part that sets them apart, if you will.

One of the things that makes Cory Wendt and Jason Rockvam truly great TU Business Members is their commitment to conservation. We are, after all, a conservation organization. And great Business Members like Cory and Jason align their business plans with principles of conservation. They don’t just talk about it — they do it. They walk the talk. And we cut the part of the article that dealt with that. That’s on us.

At Trout Unlimited, we applaud the leadership of Jason and Cory at Wilderness Place Lodge for their success in uniting fellow lodge owners, fisheries biologists and commercial fishermen to create the first-ever Susitna and Yentna drainage king salmon plan. The regulations resulting from the new plan put fish first, allow an equal opportunity for all user groups and allow anglers to practice catch and release for king salmon. It’s just this sort of proactive approach that will help ensure a future for Alaska’s state fish. 

We’re proud to say that Wilderness Place Lodge is a TU Business Member. Check it out. They walk the talk.

Wilderness Place Lodge

Jason Rockvam/Cory Wendt

Anchorage, AK 99519

(877) 753-3474

By Walt Gasson.