Youth Conservation Featured Science Trout in the classroom

TIC Cribs: the awesome new trout digs at the Trailside Museum in Cross River, N.Y.

Everyone is getting ready for 100 trout eggs arriving tomorrow at the Trailside Museum in Cross River, N.Y., and you can a sneak peak into the new digs that the trout will call home over the next eight months.

The trout tank at the museum is ready for the eggs, which will arrive on Thursday, Oct. 8. The tank is full of water that is sourced from the nearby Cross River, a very clean water source, which is vital for trout. Additionally, the tank has a gravel bottom and is well-oxygenated, something very important to trout. When the fish arrive, the water will be chilled to 50 degrees, which is another requirement for raising trout in an aquarium. Trout thrive in nature when the water is cold and clean.

For students: How is a trout tank similar to a stream environment? Compare a trout tank to a natural stream and join in the fun by connecting with this new program.

Got trout fan mail to share with the fry? Mail letters, postcards and art to: Trout c/o Trailside Museum, 6 Reservation Rd, Cross River, NY 10518.

And kids! Join in the fun and show appreciation for these “fly” fishes by posting to our Flipgrid page.

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