Youth Trout in the classroom

Trout Egg Catastrophe: Do you think they are safer in the nest basket or in a redd?

On Tuesday morning we found that one next basket holding our trout eggs had come apart, and some trout eggs fell to the bottom of the tank. Although they seem to be fine, we are not sure if we should get them back into the nest basket or leave them. Trout eggs should not be moved or jostled too much and are generally safer in a nest basket, sheltered from the filter intake. However, in nature, a female trout lays her eggs in an oval-shaped gravel nest called a “redd” on the stream bottom. Here, the trout hatch and grow until they are ready to swim off.

Do you think we should move the trout eggs or leave them at the bottom of the tank? Please comment below and let us know what you think!

All systems checked on our trout tank; however, our eggs spilled out of the nest basket. How can we make sure they stay safe in the tank? What would you do?
Trout Egg photo taken October 14, 2020. These babies are looking fantastic!

Science Journal Questions: What do you notice about the trout eggs today? Why do you think they look the way they do?

By Lillit Genovesi.