TU Costa 5 Rivers

'Emerging' podcast crew talks with anglers from Montana, South Carolina

Tired of the same river or road playlist? Trying to learn more about fly fishing and aquatic invertebrates? Or maybe you would like some insight on how to get a job in the fly fishing or conservation world?

Tune in to the new Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers podcast, “Emerging,” presented by Simms Fishing.

In Episode No. 3, TU Costa 5 Rivers communications intern Joseph Berney and TU Costa 5 Rivers Coordinator Andrew Loffredo chat with Trent Brown and Jeff Latting.

Trent is the owner of Little Blackfoot Outfitters outside of Helena, Mont., and Jeff owns and operates Living Waters Outfitters outside of Myrtle Beach, S.C. During our discussion we covered everything from Trent’s experience as a wildlife biologist to what it’s like to own and operate your own outfitting business.

You can find Trent on Instagram @littleblackfootoutfitters and at https://littleblackfootoutfitters.com.

Jeff’s on Instagram @captjefflattig and at https://livingwaterguide.com.

As with previous episodes, we will offer prizes and giveaways for participating in the Emerging “Fly Challenge.” In order to participate just tag @tucosta5rivers, post your catch (with the fly pattern that Trent and Jeff pick during the podcast in the mouth of the fish), tag the post with #emergingflychallenge, and you will be entered to win. This episode, we are giving out a Fishpond Teton Rolling duffel for the most unique catch and Simms Fishing swag bags for the largest and smallest fish. 

To learn more, suggest upcoming guests, or provide feedback on the podcast, please email Andrew Loffredo: Andrew.loffredo@tu.org.